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Why choose SuperStack?

Our team at SuperStack offers more than just staff augmentation; we provide management and technical expertise, divided into four areas: Strategic Design, Product Development, Analytics, and Growth Strategies. Rather than just providing extra hands, we'll help guide your strategy, enact sustainable practices, and help your team level up. 

What services are provided within Innovation Lab?

1. Design: With the help of designers and developers, we collaborate, provide feedback, and implement interface design, user experience design, product design, and human-centered design solutions
2. Product Development. Our team of designers will work closely with you to build the best possible product for your intended audience.
3. Analytics: SuperStack helps you create an analytic stack as a key event to understand your users' behaviors.
4. Growth. SuperStack listens to your needs and helps you see your product's potential from a fresh perspective.

How does SuperStack Staff Augmentation works?

In SuperStack we offer two different types of services:

Remote Recruitment, if a candidate accepts an offer provided by SuperStack, we charge a small commission based on the candidate’s salary. The candidate is hired through the client and everything is arranged by the client once the offer is accepted.

Remote Outsourcing, after a candidate accepts an offer provided by SuperStack , we handle the contract in accordance with the candidate's country regulations and taxes, as well as monthly salary payments. However, if you are not happy with the candidate we can offer you a replacement in less than 15 days.

What is the difference between Remote Recruitment and Remote Outsourcing?

Remote Recruitment is what is considered nowadays traditional recruitment, we help you to find candidates and your company takes care of their contract and payments.
Remote Outsourcing, you choose the candidate you are interested in and we take care of the contract and payments, the developer works as an in-house employee, however, you avoid having to deal with all the paperwork.